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Door Supervision
Door Supervision

Our Door Supervisors are SIA Licenced in the sector and well trained , friendly and approachable. They are specialists in keeping people safe! Here at Airsec we understand that when you have door staff, they are the 'face of your venue', first representatives to meet your customers and the last they see when they leave. That’s why Airsec staff always greet your customers with a smile on their face. Door Supervisors are ready to respond to any situation with welfare always being their top priority. Our staff come with a training level never seen before, thanks to our in-house accredited training centre. All DS include training in: First Aid, Drug Awareness, Spiking Awareness, Handcuffing and Mental Health Awareness as a minimum, we are always upskilling our staff and can train them to match any particular needs of a venue. Perfect protection for any venue serving open containers of alcohol!

Close Protection
Close Protection

Our SIA Licenced Close Protection Operatives are industry specialists and all have backgrounds in Military, Police or private security industry settings, with very impressive protection portfolios including celebrities and high-level business people. Our CP teams are the best of the best, whether you need covert (discreet) protection or overt (High Profile) protection we watch your back so you don’t have to. Close Protection takes many forms, Residential Security Teams, Counter Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Personal Protection Officers and Defensive Drivers. Our Close Protection officers integrate their protective duties into your daily routine. We provide a completely bespoke service to give you the best levels of security, allowing you to continue with your business and personal life with uninterrupted. At home or abroad, our CP’s have your six.

Event Security
Event Security

We have a wonderful team of security and stewards who thrive in a festival and event environment. Now more than ever, event security is so important to negate the risks presented by terrorism, fires, floods, unsafe recreational drugs and major medical incidents our teams provide an event service that is unmatched in this industry. Our friendly happy faces on search lanes, pit duty and roaming amongst the crowds keep smiles on your customers faces with their happy to help attitude. When you book in event security with Airsec expect a 5* service. You will be given a dedicated contract manager who will conduct a pre-event site visit, provide consultancy on what is needed and manage the staff on the ground from build to break. They will make sure that security is something you don’t need to think about and do everything possible to ensure the smooth running of your event.

Static Guarding
Static Guarding

Static or Manned guarding as its sometimes referred to is the 24/7 round the clock guarding of a site by a guard with boots on the ground. We are specialists in manned guarding with multiple sites already, everything from building sites to exhibitions, under our protection, we are well renowned in this sector and provide the best service out there. Manned guards are able to lock and unlock sites, carry out regular patrols, provide early notification of fires and floods and most importantly deter, remove or detain potential trespassers and thieves whilst notifying police when assistance is needed. During the day guards may be involved with meeting and greeting customers, parking cars, dealing with First Aid and fire incidents. Manned Guarding is the best way to guarantee the safety of all of your assets around the clock.


Airsec Training is a approved training centre with Laser Learning Awards. Our trainers are extremely well qualified in the security field but most importantly they are extremely passionate about the industry. With every course Airsec aims to better the industry one candidate at a time, we use bespoke learning materials and training methods to enhance our candidates experience. We provide training in many areas First Aid, Door Supervisor, CCTV Operator, Mental Health Awareness, Conflict Management, Security Guarding, handcuffing and so much more. We also offer courses in other sectors, anything from Food Safety all the way to warehousing, Airsec is your one stop shop for industry courses.

CCTV and Alarm Monitoring
CCTV and Alarm Monitoring

Fed up of those 3am phone calls because the alarm at your premises is going off? This is the service for you! CCTV and Alarm Monitoring is our speciality, our advanced control room is located in the heart of Bristol City Centre with fast response times to any emergency that may unfold. Fancy some peace of mind and confidence that your property is safe in our hand, our CCTV operators can monitor your systems 24/7 and give you the time and sleep that you need to keep your business running smoothly. Our alarm monitoring service is the best around and although alarm monitoring is never as effective as guards on site it can be more cost effective. We guarantee to beat any like for like quote on alarm monitoring in Bristol City Centre and surrounding areas.

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Our Latest Updates

Airsec Group Limited Ensured Security and Medical Cover at the South Glos Food Festival

The South Glos Food Festival took place last weekend at the Bristol and Bath Science Park, bringing together food lovers for a memorable experience. Ensuring the event went off without a hitch, Airsec Group Limited provided comprehensive security and medical cover.

We are, after all, known for our dependable security services, ensuring that everyone at the South Glos Food Festival felt safe. Our team managed everything from crowd control to emergency medical situations.

We took a multifaceted approach to event security. They managed crowds to ensure smooth movement and prevent overcrowding. Additionally, they had trained medical staff on-site to address any health issues or injuries promptly. This comprehensive approach ensured a safe and secure environment for all attendees.

The night before the festival, Airsec Group also provided security and medical cover for an ABBA and Elvis tribute night at the same location. This event drew a large crowd of music enthusiasts, and our team ensured that it was both safe and enjoyable. They managed entry points, monitored the crowd, and had medical staff ready to assist if needed. Their efforts allowed attendees to enjoy the tribute performances without any safety concerns.

With extensive experience in providing security and medical cover for large events, Our team is well-equipped to handle various situations. Their professionalism and dedication helped attendees feel both safe and well-cared for throughout the festival and the tribute night.

The collaboration between the festival organizers and Airsec Group Limited was key to the event’s success. This partnership highlighted the importance of robust security and medical support in ensuring smooth and enjoyable experiences for all. The organisers will be working closely with us for their upcoming events.

Both the South Glos Food Festival and the ABBA/Elvis tribute night were resounding successes, with attendees enjoying the festivities without concerns about safety or health issues. Thanks to the efforts of our team and the organisers, the events were both secure and enjoyable.

Ensuring a Magical and Secure Unicorn Festival in Bristol

Unicorn Festival is an enchanting celebration of all things whimsical and fantastical. Unicorns descended upon the charming city of Bristol this year creating a fun trail for people of all ages to complete and collect them all. This weekend has been filled with magic, laughter, and unforgettable memories as for the first time ever all of the Unicorns have all appeared in one place. Amidst the glittering rainbows and mystical creatures, Airsec stood as a guardian of safety and security.

Guardians of the Enchanted Realm

Unicorn Festival has a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, and Airsec understood that maintaining this aura was paramount. The security team’s presence was both unobtrusive and reassuring, allowing festival-goers to immerse themselves fully in the enchanting experience. Airsec’s team of security professionals showcased their dedication to their craft throughout the Unicorn Festival. Their friendly interactions with attendees and swift response to any security concerns exemplified their commitment to ensuring that everyone felt safe and welcome.

Unicorn Festival’s Partnership with Leukemia Care

The collaboration between Unicorn Festival and Leukemia Care is a testament to the festival’s commitment to making a positive impact. Through various initiatives, Unicorn Festival raises funds to support leukaemia patients and their families, as well as promote awareness about this life-threatening disease. This partnership reflects the belief that, even in a world of fantasy, the power of empathy and philanthropy can shine through. As a blood cancer survivor, our Director James has unwavering support for this cause and looks forward to working in collaboration with any fundraising events held in the future.