Airsec Group Limited Ensured Security and Medical Cover at the South Glos Food Festival

Airsec Group Limited Ensured Security and Medical Cover at the South Glos Food Festival

The South Glos Food Festival took place last weekend at the Bristol and Bath Science Park, bringing together food lovers for a memorable experience. Ensuring the event went off without a hitch, Airsec Group Limited provided comprehensive security and medical cover.

We are, after all, known for our dependable security services, ensuring that everyone at the South Glos Food Festival felt safe. Our team managed everything from crowd control to emergency medical situations.

We took a multifaceted approach to event security. They managed crowds to ensure smooth movement and prevent overcrowding. Additionally, they had trained medical staff on-site to address any health issues or injuries promptly. This comprehensive approach ensured a safe and secure environment for all attendees.

The night before the festival, Airsec Group also provided security and medical cover for an ABBA and Elvis tribute night at the same location. This event drew a large crowd of music enthusiasts, and our team ensured that it was both safe and enjoyable. They managed entry points, monitored the crowd, and had medical staff ready to assist if needed. Their efforts allowed attendees to enjoy the tribute performances without any safety concerns.

With extensive experience in providing security and medical cover for large events, Our team is well-equipped to handle various situations. Their professionalism and dedication helped attendees feel both safe and well-cared for throughout the festival and the tribute night.

The collaboration between the festival organizers and Airsec Group Limited was key to the event’s success. This partnership highlighted the importance of robust security and medical support in ensuring smooth and enjoyable experiences for all. The organisers will be working closely with us for their upcoming events.

Both the South Glos Food Festival and the ABBA/Elvis tribute night were resounding successes, with attendees enjoying the festivities without concerns about safety or health issues. Thanks to the efforts of our team and the organisers, the events were both secure and enjoyable.